About Milkcocoa & This Chart

Milkcocoa is a Realtime Communication Platform for IoT, Mobile, and Web.
This chart shows the value of light sensor with Raspberry Pi at our company entrance.
Range of value: OFF->0-6, ON->10-16
Raspberry Pi

Light Sensor
Our Company Entrance


What's Milkcocoa?

With Milkcocoa, saving and fetching data and real-time messaging was able to implemented without preparing the server. Transportation was encrypted with TLS、and the data was replicated automatically.


For example, the code below is a saving sample with Milkcocoa. Developer can check data at the management view. Don't need to prepare database server.

var milkcocoa = new MilkCocoa('app_id.mlkcca.com');
var dataStore = milkcocoa.dataStore('hoge');

dataStore.push({name: 'foo', company: 'bar'});

Insert, update, fetch data.

You can update and get data with front-end coding.

Real-time messaging

Milkcocoa supports MQTT.It enable low power cost and handle much transaction.

Various Platforms

There are many SDK. Using Node.js SDK, you can use Milkcocoa API on Raspberry Pi.

New Features

Updated APIs

Added stream API, it can be enabled to get orders data.

Support Node.js SDK

Released NodeJS SDK. Please use on server-side, Raspberry Pi and Tessel.

JWT(JSON Web Token)

We support JWT for Authentication.Tutorial of auth.

Milkcocoa on MQTT

We selected MQTT as main protocol. Milkcocoa goed on good performance.



Santa location information with a smartphone , and has been utilized in the system to be displayed on the site in real time .Technical description , please visit this slide.


Throwing darts on a map on PC shaking the smartphone , you can travel to hit the country in the street view . You can actually try to visit the site.

Facebook and Twitter accounts is below.

To your businness. Intoroduce many usecases.

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